SmartIdea: Advanced software and internet consulting for international clients!

SmartIdea is a known internet consultancy firm based in Singapore. The company specializes and offers services related to every aspect of the internet and has a clientele that costs of big brands, startups, small companies and corporate clients alike. Incorporated in 1999, SmartIdea has a come a long way. At a time when internet consulting wasn’t a known subject, the company helped clients in securing and bettering their use of web resources, websites, and live products. No matter whether it is about website evaluation or building software assets using RUP, xP, OOAD concepts, the company has the experience, expertise and resources to manage diverse projects.

SmartIdea owns a development team that understands and uses diverse UML modeling tools for different projects, while their operations team keeps a tab, monitors and manages live products, projects, websites and other processes. They work with an extended team of networking experts and technical support specialists, to ensure that downtime of projects and tech issues are minimized. Today, SmartIdea has representative offices in the US, Australia and Philippines, and they plan to expand soon in other regions. To know more on their services and to get independent consulting and advice, please send an email to

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